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Call us Today 01386 422 833
16 Broadway Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1BG

Buy Xanax 3Mg

Everyone knows that regular exercise and a balanced diet are two important ways to stay healthy, feel well and look good. But nothing can stop time passing and, whether we like it or not, we all grow older and it shows in our faces. Frown lines and wrinkles are a normal part of the ageing process; however they can make you look more tired, angry or older than you really are!

The structure of skin changes with age, it becomes thinner and less elastic. The muscles beneath begin to sag and we obtain more creases and folds. As we laugh and frown the facial muscles contract and relax and this emphasizes our facial lines.

More and more people wish to slow down the telling signs of aging, keep a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Facial line softening can be achieved by either blocking the specific muscle activity that cause lines and wrinkles or by placing a hydrating gel underneath the surface of the skin.

After treatment, the skin will look smoother and less wrinkled. The untreated muscles in the face will move as normal. It usually takes 14 days to see the full effect of a treatment but results can often be seen sooner but unfortunately treatments don’t last forever, the improvements with Botox will typically last between 3 to 6 months and with the gel can last up to a year.

Popular treatment areas include frown lines, crows feet, forehead lines and underarms to reduce sweating for Botox treatments and cheeks or lips for dermal fillers.

    Fuller lips look soft and natural

  • lips-before
  • lips-after

Dr Sarah Moore
Facial and Underarm Treatments

Buy Xanax 3Mg

Buy Xanax 3Mg

Initial Consultation

One area

Two areas

Three areas

Under arm sweating

Each additional area there after
from £60


Initial Consultation


Nasolabial folds

Corners of mouth

Non surgical Rhinoplasty


Each additional syringe
from £100


Dental and medical professionals who wish to make a referral to us please click on the link below

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