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Call us Today 01386 422 833
16 Broadway Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1BG

Cheap Valium Wholesale

Tel: 01386 422833
Email: Valium Kopen Vietnam

Cheap Valium Wholesale

Evesham Dental Health Team , 16 Broadway Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1BG.

Opening Hours

Monday 8.30am – 7.00pm
Tuesday 8.30am – 7.00pm
Wednesday 8.00am – 7.00pm
Thursday 8.30am – 7.00pm
Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
*Saturday 8.00am – 1.00pm

Whenever possible we’ll provide emergency care on the same day. Please contact us early in the day so we can offer you one of our special set-aside times.

We are closed on Public/Bank Holidays.

The practice is part of a group of local dental practices who share responsibility for an ‘on call’ out of hours emergency service to our patients.

If you need emergency advice or treatment whilst we are closed, please telephone the practice and follow the instructions on the answer machine. Buy Ambien Online Legally

*The practice is generally open three out of four Saturday mornings each month.

Parking & Disabled Access

We have a car park for patients at the side of the practice and alternatively there is roadside parking on Broadway Road.

We have a downstairs reception lounge, surgery and WC with wheelchair access. A hearing loop and aids for those with impaired vision are available to help communication.

If you have any special requirements, please call in advance to ensure we can make suitable arrangements.

Cheap Valium Wholesale

For your convenience, we are open evenings and Saturday mornings

  • I’d like to be informed of exclusive offers and other practice information YES

*By clicking ‘submit’ you are consenting to us replying, and storing your details. (see our Cheap Xanax Online).