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Call us Today 01386 422 833
16 Broadway Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1BG

Buy Soma Legally

Buy Soma Legally

Teeth-in-an-Hour™ using NobelGuide allows our practice to provide patients with a fixed, well-functioning, and aesthetic implant retained bridge in a very convenient manner. Our patients’ can quickly improve their smile and chewing function, by transforming a mouth with no or only a few natural remaining teeth and replace removable dentures. We‘ve witnessed the immediate emotional boost when patients no longer have to look in a mirror without teeth.

NobelGuide ‘Teeth-in-an-Hour’ Implant Protocol

Examination and Treatment Evaluation to establish the current situation and discuss appropriate treatment choices.


If remaining teeth of poor health are present and judged too poor for the long term-

An Immediate Denture is prepared (between 1 to 4 visits required) and when ready, remaining poor prognosis teeth can be removed and replaced with the immediate denture. A healing period follows during which the gum and bone level will stabilise.


Preparation for CT Scan (the starting point for a patient who wishes to replace a denture)

A Radiographic Guide is worn during a CT Scan – either an existing well fitting denture is converted or new denture made (between 1 to 4 visits required).

Radiographic markers (orange dots) are added to the denture (radiographic index), a bite index made and the CT scan arranged.


A CT scan taken of the jaw bone while the patient wears the radiographic index, allows for the generation of a 3-D model. Following the patient scan, a second scan is performed on the denture alone and the two images are precisely married up by reference to the radiographic markers.


The CT scan together with NobelClinician software allows careful evaluation to relate accurate placement of dental implants on a computer screen, in a “virtual” environment, with reference to the planned tooth position taken from the radiographic index and the jaw anatomy. In essence, the technique determines the ideal tooth position first, and then works backwards with implant planning, with precision.


A computer internet link to Sweden enables CAD-CAM robotics to fabricate a precise surgical guide to assist the dentist with actual implant placement by perfectly reproducing the virtual placement of the implants. The guide and all necessary components are carefully packaged and express shipped to Evesham Dental Health Team. We will try-in the guide and then send it together with all information necessary for our technical laboratory to fabricate a high quality first bridge.


The computer-guided implant surgery can be done without making any incisions and requires no lifting of gum off the bone or stitches. It allows for minimally invasive‘keyhole’ implant placement in a manner in which the patient experiences minimal discomfortand usually requires only local anaesthesia. The fabrication of a primary fixed bridge before surgery enables seating at the time of implant placement so that patients can smile at the end of the appointment with fixed stable teeth. This technology can be used for the placement of implants to replace one tooth, a few teeth, or a full arch (upper or lower).


The technique enables accurate and quicker implant placement, with less time required for the patient at the surgery. What’s more there is less post operative discomfort, less swelling, and less bruising than expected with conventional surgery and so minimal disruption to work and/or social life – often, patients can resume their normal activities the next day.

Between six months to a year after implant placement we start to fabricate a stronger, longer lasting definitive bridge with a titanium framework and either acrylic, composite or porcelain teeth. Our patients will thereby have two bridges which proves useful whenever future maintenance is required.


Am I a Candidate?

Teeth-in-an-Hour is currently being used for patients who wish to replace their dentures with permanent teeth. The fast-moving pace of modern dental technology allows for a single tooth, a partial denture or a complete denture to be replaced. This will enable more patients to experience the joy of new self-esteem. Patients are welcome to visit the practice for a free implant consultation to evaluate whether the technique would be suitable.

Is the Procedure Expensive?

Dental implant treatment by its very nature is a big investment. To be accomplished, it requires skilled experienced professionals who work with each individual’s highly customized treatment plan. The equipment is technologically sophisticated, the materials are intricate and valuable, and all of this is subject to meticulous sterile detail.

Still, Teeth-in-an-Hour™ can be less costly than more traditional dental implant treatment. This is because it significantly reduces the time commitment for both the patient and the doctor. Most patients who prioritize their smile and opt for dental implant treatment regard the cost as a worthwhile investment. Unlike the rest of the human body, the virtual “youth” of the mouth can be preserved. The concept of eating well for all of one’s lifetime while sporting a timeless smile spurs many to “bite” from the Fountain of Youth.

Does it hurt?

Dental implants and the creation of a prosthetic smile can be accomplished with minimal or little discomfort using local anaesthesia; however, for patients who suffer from apprehension or anxiety, we can offer dental sedation to have the treatment whilst you snooze.

As with all extensive dental treatment, some patients will experience tenderness in the mouth, mild swelling or the appearance of slight facial bruising for several days following the procedure. The use of ice packs and normal dosages of standard pain medication generally allows patients to be quite comfortable through this brief healing period.

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Dental and medical professionals who wish to make a referral to us please click on the link below

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Buy Soma Legally

For your convenience, we are open evenings and Saturday mornings

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