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Evesham Dental Health Team reveals its Top 10 Smile Tips

by Evesham Dental, on 17th January 2019 | 0 comments

As dentists, our main aim is for you to feel happy and confident about your smile. Here are Evesham Dental Health Team’s Top 10 ways to help you enjoy a stunning smile every day. The easiest, most effective – and cheapest – way to keep your teeth and gums looking ... Read More

Would YOU know how to identify mouth cancer?

by Evesham Dental, on 3rd January 2019 | 0 comments

A new report looking into mouth cancer in the UK reveals a dangerous and widespread lack of awareness about the disease – including the signs and symptoms associated with it. The UK’s first State of Mouth Cancer Report , highlighted by Evesham Dental Health Team’s principal dentist, Richard Colebourne, shows ... Read More

Head for the mistletoe with complete confidence

by Evesham Dental, on 11th December 2018 | 0 comments

Bad breath is the last thing you want when puckering up under the mistletoe! Make sure your breath is minty fresh with a visit to the dental hygiene team at Evesham Dental Health Team in Worcestershire. Our meticulous hygienists are experts at removing every last speck of plaque from every ... Read More

Generous tooth fairies put £23.7m under the pillows of British youngsters

by Evesham Dental, on 30th November 2018 | 0 comments

British children receive almost £24m each year from the Tooth Fairy, according to the results of a new nationwide survey highlighted by Evesham Dental Health Team in Worcestershire. The poll, conducted by the Oral Health Foundation, found that the nation’s youngsters are receiving an average of £1.58 per tooth. The ... Read More

Should I be worried about mouth cancer?

by Evesham Dental, on 15th November 2018 | 0 comments

In the UK, more than 7,800 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year, says Evesham dentist Richard Colebourne, the principal dentist at Evesham Dental Health Team in Broadway Road. The number of people being diagnosed with mouth cancer has grown by around a third in the last decade and ... Read More

How do I care for my mouth during the menopause?

by Evesham Dental, on 2nd November 2018 | 0 comments

As if hot flushes, night sweats, loss of libido and mood swings weren’t enough to contend with, our female patients will get even hotter under the collar to learn that the menopause can also affect the health of their mouth. Our Evesham dentists are sorry to be the bearers of ... Read More

What’s lurking inside your mouth?

by Evesham Dental, on 19th October 2018 | 0 comments

As Hallowe’en is just around the corner, the Evesham dentists at Evesham Dental Health Team thought they’d enter into the spirit of the season by concentrating on the less pleasant dental problems of bleeding gums, bad breath and gum disease. “Been more than 12 months since you’ve been seen? Book ... Read More

Why are dental implants so popular?

by Evesham Dental, on 2nd October 2018 | 0 comments

Dental implants are widely recognised to be the most successful method of tooth replacement today and it is often hard to tell them apart from your natural teeth, say our Evesham dentists. They are an investment but as a long lasting solution, what price can you put on being happy, ... Read More

Women with diabetes face increased chance of mouth cancer

by Evesham Dental, on 18th September 2018 | 0 comments

Women have a 13 per cent higher chance of developing oral cancer if they suffer from diabetes, according to new research highlighted by the dentists at Evesham Dental Health Team on Broadway Road. Overall, women face a 27 per cent increase of developing any form of cancer if they have ... Read More

Visit the reverse tooth fairies at Evesham Dental Health Team

by Evesham Dental, on 27th August 2018 | 0 comments

Our Evesham dentists are like tooth fairies in reverse – instead of taking your teeth, we put them back! Enjoy secure, natural-looking teeth from Evesham Dental Health Team in Worcestershire. Do your missing teeth lead to mouth irritation, problems with speaking and eating, dry mouth, excessive saliva or unstable dentures ... Read More

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