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Call us Today 01386 422 833
16 Broadway Road, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1BG

Buy Ambien Zolpidem


Buy Ambien Zolpidem

I have been coming to Evesham Dental Health Team (EDHT) for at least ten years. The team is friendly and helpful, and more importantly local and available. I am horrified at the prices that London charge for treatment and I disagree that you have to pay a premium just for being in London. Also I know people that have to book six months ahead and for me that would be a nightmare.

I think it is really important to have good teeth. I don’t think people realise how often your teeth are looked at. I realised during photo shoots that my teeth no longer translated the way I felt about them. I had lost a lot of enamel from natural wear and tear, as well as through a very healthy lifestyle of lots of fruit and vegetables – which I found ironic as you wouldn’t expect that to happen. As a result of this loss of enamel, my teeth felt very rough and I hated food sticking to them.

At EDHT they are keen to educate people into maintaining the longevity of their teeth, which is very important and I really appreciate that. I feel very lucky to have such a good, local dental team. I particularly like the fact that Richard studies in Seattle – I spend a lot of time working there and know that they have world leaders in dentistry as well as cancer treatment – so for me that is the icing on the cake.

I had whitening treatment when I first came to EDHT but as the tooth surface had worn I made the decision to have something more permanent. I wanted perfect teeth and for me it was a very personal choice. I also wanted to have them all done at once rather than having treatment in several stages.

The result is great – my teeth look and feel natural, and I am totally used to them. People often notice that there is something different about me and I say “It’s my teeth”! I think the great thing about dentistry today is it becomes part of you and you don’t have to think of yourself as having anything false or manmade. I am very happy with them!

Words by Toyah Willcox. Photograph by Dean Stockings


“My new smile is just superb”

“I’m not often lost for words but was on Tuesday. Thank you so much – my new smile is just superb.”


“Understanding and faultless professionalism”

“Thank you for your patience, understanding and faultless professionalism during all my treatment. Most of all thank you for giving me my beautiful smile which has boosted my confidence no end. I will take the greatest care with my new mouth!”


“My troubles were resolved immediately”

“After a major disaster when eating dinner, I was suddenly confronted with a hole in the centre of my mouth, where a crown together with the root, had fallen out.

As I had recently left the dental practice I had attended for a number of years, this was a major disaster.

From the internet I discovered EDHT and my troubles were resolved immediately by the most professional dental practice I have ever attended. They agreed to treat me immediately as an emergency patient, gave me a thorough examination, diagnosed the trouble and gave me optional solutions without any pressure. The options were dentures or implant surgery.

Both were explained to me in great detail, the strengths and weaknesses discussed including timescales and a plan of action formulated.

Although I did not want dentures, I was examined for them and fitted with them within three days. They were also remarkably well made and exceedingly comfortable, a situation that almost made me change my mind. I did not however want dentures and despite the tales of discomfort, pain or delay in recovery read in documentation or viewed on the internet, I opted for an implant.

I can honestly say that from start to finish, the procedure was explained to me in detail by Richard, discussed at every stage and performed in a most professional manner. Probably even more important was the fact that during the whole treatment, I not only felt no pain, I did not experience any discomfort.

At a time when health organisations all over the country are being slated for poor service and treatment, I can not praise Richard and his staff at EDHT highly enough, for a treatment well planned and professionally carried out.”



Hello and thank you for being such a professional team and making me feel so comfortable. I’m really happy with my new implants and feel like a human being again but I’m afraid the Ferrari has to go hold now. Cheers!!


“Like being driven in a Rolls Royce!”

If all the previous dentists I have been to were like driving an old Ford, this is like being driven in a Rolls Royce!



Thank you so much – you have all been so understanding and I am overjoyed at getting a lovely smile again, which gives me so much confidence and stops me feeling like a freak.



Lovely, friendly girls. The dentist must think he is in heaven! Thanks for the teeth.



Richard and his staff are deserving of high praise for their professionalism. We wish them well.



Thanks to Richard and his team I feel confident again. I cannot thank you all enough for the loving way you have looked after me. Thank you thank you! Brilliant!


“Lovely smile”

Richard has given me back a lovely smile. Thank you to everyone at EDHT.


“Modern, efficient”

Modern, efficient, a real attitude of customer service, and friendly as well – an excellent dental practice.



The most painless piece of dentistry I have ever had. Thank you.

Valium Kopen Vietnam

“Excellent Team!”

Richard has restored my faith in dentists. Excellent Team!



It’s so nice to come to a friendly dentist and go away feeling good.


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Buy Ambien Zolpidem

For your convenience, we are open evenings and Saturday mornings

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